Our Company

When you hire ConecoEnergy, you gain access to all the resources of our company as well as those of our affiliate: Coneco Engineers, Scientists & Surveyors.

ConecoEnergy is a full-service, renewable energy systems solution provider and our partnership with Coneco Engineers, Scientists & Surveyors taps into the highest level of engineering expertise spanning over two decades. Working together, our 40+ professionals can meet any renewable energy engineering challenge because our core competencies include the following engineering disciplines, in addition to ecological and surveying services:


Established in 1989, Coneco Engineers, Scientists & Surveyors, Inc., from its inception has been dedicated to understanding regulatory changes and technological advances. This founding principle allowed us to provide innovative, cost-effective design solutions for our residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal clients.

We developed our Coneco Geothermal division in 2007 in response to the need for energy-related services to solve the energy challenges facing the construction industry. The need to change was apparent as the first decade of the 21st century progressed. The cost (on so many levels) of the environmental impact of fossil fuel led to an explosion of renewable energy technologies.

In 2010, Coneco Geothermal merged with Acer Energy which brings us pretty close to today. While our focus has shifted to all forms of renewable energy, our philosophy remains the same. To serve our clients in the following manner:

  • Provide seamless capabilities by employing our company-wide experience
  • Maintain cost-effectiveness by providing outstanding service at a reasonable price
  • Promise to be responsive and on the same team as our clients
  • Use our practical experience as consultants, design engineers, and construction managers to seek the most efficient and innovative approach