Controls Engineering

At Coneco Energy, we believe a mechanical system is only as good as its operating system. So we pride ourselves in our system control engineering. We design for optimal efficiency and ensure the system operates as it was intended to.

Our control engineers take the various components of the project and make them actually work together to make a cohesive system. As a turnkey design build firm, our engineers can not only prepare a full control system design for a building, but our installers can set up a complete system within a production facility from reading the blueprints through to actually starting up the system, testing, making corrections and troubleshooting issues. Many times a systems engineer may intend for a system to operate a certain way, however through installation portions of the install may be lost in translation, and the end performance of the system may suffer because of this lack of integration between the designers and installer. With Coneco we avoid these problems, with our designers talking directly with our own installers throughout the entire installation

Each of our installs is custom fit to meet the needs of the specific project, however some of our control expertise includes the following:

  • HVAC operational controls
  • Lighting controls
  • Hydronic system controls
  • Backup system control work
  • System monitoring and measurement
  • Building systems controls
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design/Build Services
  • Electrical systems engineering & design

Our control designed matched with our renewable energy system designs are a perfect match to make sure that the proper system is designed and installed for any given site, and to make sure that it is set up to operate at its peak potential possible. To see if our services are a match for your particular project, just contact our engineering specialists to see how we can meet your needs.